We travelled… a long way… to get to the Vaal Dam today to spend the day with our friends. We left Joburg quite late because of a problem with tiles for the building… and because I ran 10km this morning for my #WeRunSoweto training… so we only got there late. Oh and because we completely misjudged how far it is! LOL, next time we’ll be wiser, and get going earlier.

It was SUCH an amazing day. The kids had an absolute ball, and we chatted and relaxed outside in the sun. In fact, both boys were so very sad when it was time to leave this evening.

I’m not going to blog too many photos, but today, I did what I’ve been doing in the last year. I took my camera with just my 50mm lens. I love the lens. It’s small and light and doesn’t make my bag bulky. However it is a challenge. In hindsight, a longer lens would’ve been awesome to use today… but nothing beats a 50mm for candid images.

We spent quite a bit of time on the boat… and the kids went on the tube in the icy water!

The kids also had a ball on the electric scooters, and got taught how to drive small quad bikes… so much fun was had by all.

You know what the best part was… the kids running around outside and exploring and just being kids.

We need more days like that.