Wenchy asked me to join her at a #girlfriendgetaway evening at Ster Kinekor on Wednesday evening. I must be honest, and say that I had so much work to do that I was actually not looking forward to it much… I should really have stayed at home to edit!

A Girlfriends Getaway event is all about girls. No men are allowed to book tickets for the show. The idea is that you go with your girlfriends, see a chick flick, get a gift… and have a girly evening out. It was awesome seeing Wenchy and Angel again, I haven’t seen them in ages!

We saw Begin Again.

“College sweethearts Greta (Keira Knightley) and Dave (Adam Levine) are songwriting partners who move to New York after he lands a deal with a major label. When he strays, heartbroken Greta considers moving back home to Britain.Before she leaves, she’s spotted on stage by a down-on-his-luck record producer (Mark Ruffalo) who recognizes her musical talent and opens up an entire world of possibility for both of them.”


Would I go to a Girlfriend Getaway event again? Not sure. It’s really awesome to have a girls night out and see a movie that husbands wouldn’t be keen on. If you’re going for the gift however, don’t bother… a box of tampons, bubble bath, shower gel and an old magazine (from August) is not my idea of a worthwhile hamper.

Would I recommend the movie? Hell yes!! I LOVED it!! And I’ve bought some of the songs now to add my playlists, I absolutely loved the music.

Begin Again is such an awesome story. I was expecting a love story, and I was pleasantly surprised by the way the movie unfolded. It was a bit about love, but it was about a whole load more… and it was a lot about music and the current music scene. I did feel a little cheated at the end though, I felt they could have told more of the end of the story.

A favourite song from the movie has to be this one… I can’t find the official music video, and I liked this version…

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening in the end, and was very glad I went!