I didn’t say anything on my blog, but we weren’t staying at home during the renovations. For the last 5 and a half weeks we’ve been living with my mom and dad. And the dogs have stayed at home.

We finally moved back home today. The house is almost done, and apart from one small section of floor which needed to be re-done because it cracked, we can walk on the floors, which meant we could move back home.

When we’ve got the curtains up, the mess cleaned, and the new dining room chairs and lounge chairs have arrived, I’ll do a blog post with before and after photos. Β Here’s a sneak peek that I posted on Instagram though πŸ˜‰

You can see the new concrete floors, new light fittings, new paint, painted ceilings, new bathrooms… etc. It’s been one hell of a job!

And we’re all thrilled to be home. The dogs are ecstatic! They stayed at the house during the time we were away, and we visited them every morning and evening… but they were very very lonely. They’re not completely happy though, because until the last bit of flooring is finished, they’re banned from the house… and they just can’t understand that at all. It’s been really hard for them.

Staying with my parents was awesome, and I know my mom will miss the kids a lot now that we’ve left.

I loved chatting to my parents properly every day, instead of rushing when I fetch the kids in the evenings. I loved sitting in the kitchen chatting and drinking wine while my mom cooked (she insisted I couldn’t help). I admit to loving not having to think about what to cook every night! We drank quite a bit of wine actually! πŸ™‚

The kids will miss their freshly squeezed orange juice every morning, and the relaxation therapy my mom did with them most evenings. They’ll miss helping her prepare the veggies for supper. They’re already missing not feeding Jackie (the jack russel). Connor will miss not ringing the supper bell every evening.

Connor is going to miss sleeping in the same room as Bradley. He really enjoys sharing his space.

However, we now have 2 happy boys at home with their beloved long lost Xbox, and fast wifi! LOL! They’ve both been pretty quiet today catching up on gaming!