So remember last month I told you that I signed up for my first 21km race? The Soweto Marathon. Well, this month the training started properly. I should really started tagging my running tweets with #werunsoweto like other people are doing, but I keep forgetting! LOL!

I’m kind of following a training program that I found online, or rather, one that was sent to me by Runners World SA on Twitter! I’m following a beginner’s 21km training programme, although I’m actually running more than what they suggest at the moment. I decided to choose that programme because I can’t run more than 3 times a week… my body needs the break in between. So on my “off” days I’m either properly resting or walking the dogs.

After having a dismal running month in July, I was back in action properly this month…

I was really out of action for more than 3 weeks! So July’s stats are not the most fabulous to share… but hey, you cannot go through the year without fitness challenges, right?

During August I…

  • ran a total of 87,7km!! How awesome is that?!
  • ran 12 times
  • spent 9:56:41 hours on the road
  • ran at an average pace of 6:48 min/km, much faster than last month although I feel I’m slower than before I got ill
  • lost a total of 5kg and 17cm since I started running. The weight hasn’t changed this month, but I’ve dropped another cm!

2 of my runs in the last month stand out…

1. I ran a 10km race again! My third one. This one was the Midrand 10km. It started at the Kyalami Equestrian Centre, and the route ran on those gorgeous roads around the horsey areas in Midrand. A lot of the route was on sand roads, which was tough because after winter the roads were really sandy and in parts quite soft… like beach sand. The hills seemed to carry on forever too… although looking at my times and my pace, I kept an even pace throughout the race.

I wasn’t looking to beat my personal best, but after 8km I thought I could do it, and kept pushing at the same pace up the last hills. In the end I took almost a minute off my personal best! I was as a pleased as punch!

2. My last run of the month also stood out. I went to Harare this weekend and stayed at Bushman Rock outside Ruwa. I was determined to run 10 km on Sunday morning, even though I knew I’d be tired after a long 11 hour Saturday wedding.

You see, I’d set my goal for the month at Run Walk for Life at 85km. I was determined to hit that mark. I want to get the 85km sticker in my logbook. And then next month I’m going to push to get the next goal!

I got up at 6am, and hit the dirt roads. To make the distance I needed to leave the farm, and I ran to the closest village on the sand roads, which was about 3.5km away. I loved it! It was really tough though, again, the road in parts was like running on a beach. Not to mention the loong loong uphill at the beginning of my route. It was a really slow run in the end.

I thought I was being clever when I came back onto the farm, and went down a track that I remembered from a game drive I went on…. only to meet a zebra and his mate about 200m down the road!! They refused to budge off the road, so I had to turn back.

In the end, I only ran 8.4km, and missed my distance target… but I felt amazing after that run! It was well worth getting up early in the morning.

My only regret was not taking my phone with me to take photos along the route! Rookie error 😉


In other news, I’ve had to get new running shoes already!

The Nike Structures that I bought in January have already started collapsing on the insides of the arch… my feet need more support! So I spent more than a small fortune this month at The Sweat Shop and got Asics Kayano’s.

It was so funny actually, eventually I had 3 people trying to work out what shoes would work best, and I had to run up and down so many times with them checking out my strange running style. My left foot pronates more than my right foot, so they were trying to work out which shoes would give me enough support to work for both feet…. not easy! And to make it more complex, I have narrow feet, so most shoes are too wide for me.

I love my new shoes! I should, for the price I paid for them. It’s the most money I’ve EVER spent on shoes!