I run mostly on my own. It suits me that way. I need time to myself.

But after running out stressful thoughts, I still have plenty of time to think about other things… and mostly they’re quite random. Thoughts that crossed my mind running this evening, included…

  • I love the smells of spring and summer.
  • I wonder what else is in that garden other than the jasmine I’m smelling
  • Ooh that’s the smell of a Yesterday Today and Tomorrow!
  • Wish I knew more bird calls, I could only recognise the lourie… go-away, go-away.
  • Apart from that parrot… let me whistle back at him
  • Wonder what that cooking smell is… smells quite rich, but oh so yummy, damn I’m hungry
  • Glad it’s not Thursday… then all I’d smell is “dustbin juice” from the trashcans that haven’t been collected.
  • Wonder how white my legs actually look! (I was wearing new short running shorts and a vest… much less clothing than I’m used to)
  • Can anyone see the veins on my legs? Damnit, who actually cares, they’re looking 1000 times better than they did.
  • I wonder if my cellulite is wiggling on the backs of my legs as I’m running? Not a pretty sight for the people behind me.
  • I reckon I can make it up this hill without walking… oh better not walk… there are some walkers!
  • I should stop to help that dog get back into his garden. If I get to the gate, will he attack me? Oh well, there’s no bell on the gate, and the other dog barking isn’t making them look out the windows! Stupid people!
  • Water!!
  • Oh dear I’ve slowed down, I better get going again

Pretty random right?

Anyway, I do have to boast too!! I ran 12.4km on Sunday afternoon… Go me!! The route I set myself was just silly, and the hills were insane. But anyhoo, I made it. And I beat a LOT of my records in the process 🙂