Yes, we’re still renovating our house.

It’s finally starting to look like something, and I cannot wait for it to finish now. I promise I’ll post before and after photos then!

  • The screed has been laid, but not sealed.
  • The bathrooms have been gutted and re plastered. The tiler started yesterday.
  • The painting of the ceilings has almost been done… this is what caused the hold-up. We have wooden beams throughout the house, and we’re painting them white now… it’s not an easy job at all.
  • The painting of the wooden stairs and ballistrades has started.
  • The painting of the walls is in progress.
  • The old light fittings are out, but the new ones haven’t been fitted yet.

It’s a big job.

I’m describing the style of the inside of our house as “industrial farmstyle” LOL!

Now that it’s taking shape, I’m chomping at the bit! I want it done! I also want to shop!

All of a sudden, our furniture is feeling sub standard, so I’m thinking of making a few small changes to revamp the style a little.

I think we need new dining room chairs…

And new occasional chairs in the lounge with gorgeous new cushions to accent the rest of the furniture…

And new rugs so that the dogs have somewhere comfy to lie…

And a new funky mirror for the dining room… which I can’t find yet! Actually I’m thinking a wall of mirrors would be awesome.

And new artwork for the boys rooms… I just love Superbalist’s range of prints

But first, I need to replace all the blinds throughout the house!! Gone are the dark wooden blinds… and in with white!

I’m determined to make this house as light and airy as I possibly can! It will be a light industrial farmhouse!