Connor, my cuddly child, loves writing me little notes. I bought him a new pencil yesterday, which he needed to test out… so he grabbed the first piece of paper he could find and wrote me a little love letter.

I love these little notes. I should be keeping them, but taking photos of them is just as good, right?

Yesterday evening, while I was running with Rene, she stopped dead in her tracks to pick up a feather lying on the road. She ran the rest of the way with it, so that she could give it to her son Daniel. Daniel is in the same class as Connor. Rene was telling me after that, that Daniel loves picking up feathers and shiny things off the floor and collecting little bits that he finds. She’s been collecting them in a jar!

Now that’s a clever idea! Why on earth didn’t I think of that? I should be doing that with all the little love letters and pretty things that Connor has drawn me over the years.