Instead of posting the image on my blog directly, I thought I’d try out Flickr again.
I miss the Flickr communities actually… I used to be very active on the platform.
I also used to use it when I had a free blog… all my photos were hosted there, and then I just linked to them on my blog. It made sense then, because free blogs have such space restrictions, and Flickr’s space is extensive.

Once I used my own domain for a blog, I stopped doing that… there was no need to worry about space anymore.
I also found that loading my images twice, on Flickr for the communities, and on my blog too for blog posts, was a bit of a waste of time… especially once I found the bulk upload plugins that work so well on WordPress!

Maybe I should try it again… it is a bit of a schlep copying the HTML code across, so it makes more sense to do it for this blog where I don’t post as many images per blog post.

In doing so, I would get that community in Flickr again… and it should also force me to be more experimental again. I really need to start pushing my photography boundaries again.

If you’re wondering how to load an image from Flickr onto your blog… which you should be able to do from any public image on Flickr (and actually, to give credit to the photographer this is the right way to do it instead of stealing photos!!)… this is what you do:

1. Load the image onto Flickr… follow the screen directions after pressing “Upload”, it’s pretty self explanatory.

2. Select the image you want to embed in your WordPress or Blogger blog post

3. Press the share button in the right corner… it looks like a curved arrow

4. Under the normal social sharing buttons, there’s a section that says “Code”

5. Select the size of image you want, and then select the type of code you’re needing… by either choosing Embed or HTML. I use HTML for WordPress.

6. Copy the line of code that you’ll now see highlighted on the page.

7. Create a new blog post on WordPress, and select the “Text” option at the top of the writing panel.

8. Paste the HTML code in there, and then type up your blog post.

And voila!!