This is the second time we’ve been to the Pretoria Zoo… also known as the National Zoo. And this time, I could see what the fuss was about… other than the lack of decent food outlets. It’s quite a special place.

They are renovating parts of it, and the lions must be chomping at the bit to get back to the spacious enclosure… but on the whole I thought it was great. Loved that the rhino’s space was HUGE compared to the Joburg Zoo. Did feel that the tanks in the aquarium were a little cramped.

But, maybe it’s because the kids are bigger, and can both read etc, but I LOVED all the write ups at the animals enclosures. There were stories and proper maps… and the kids chatted non-stopΒ about the level of endangerment marked on a scale at each enclosure.


I don’t even think I noticed this fountain last time we went. It’s gorgeous!! The plaque on it had Sammy Marks name as well as the date 1903. Shows how old the zoo is! It also made me take more note of the older enclosures that have mostly been turned into offices… there’s a few photos from the facades at the end of the post. The kids were horrified when I explained where the carnivores were kept in the 1930’s and the bears in 1911!! I couldn’t help wondering what was in the building marked 1902!

Of course, a trip to the Pretoria zoo cannot be without a trip on the cable cars πŸ™‚

The view from the top is just spectacular! Especially at this time of the year with all the jacarandas in bloom

We opted to walk back down the hill instead of taking the cable car… we love the old lookout points above the lion and tiger enclosures… so much fun!


Then another highlight… going into the massive aviary! We didn’t do that the last time. The kids had a ball climbing up to all the levels πŸ™‚


Loved the gorgeous cheetah πŸ™‚ I took this through the fence, by the time I walked around the corner, he’d moved on.

We saw much more of the zoo than we did the last time, and I saw animals I’ve never seen before ever! And yes, there aren’t many animal photos in this post… I would have taken more animal shots if I’d taken a longer lens! This was all taken with a 50mm.

The kids are a little disappointed that I didn’t take photos of their favourite animals… the baby ring-tailed lemurs. We stood at the lemurs for ages giggling at the baby lemurs bouncing around the adults. They were so cute!


If you’re wondering about the day… it’s half term, and I took the day off to spend with the kids πŸ™‚

I’m completely shattered!