I didn’t have a shoot yesterday. I planned my weekend that way. I needed to run a long run to prepare for my 21km race… so knew that if I ran I would be too tired for a photo session.

Instead we had friends and family over for a braai. It was awesome!

The kids spent most of their time in the pool… and a little bit of time playing XBox… but most of the time outside, and they all looked shattered when they went home… the sign of a good day 🙂

Erin and Carmen loved having another girl to play with instead of just boys, and were inseparable. As Bradley said “new besties that’ll only see each other when we have a braai”… guess we’ll just have to organise more braais 😉

They were also so sweet, they managed to find one fluffy dog in the house that they carried around and played with the whole afternoon… there wasn’t anything else girly around!

Check the purple lips! LOL they were freezing by then!

I love Sundays in summer!