It’s so cool that suburbs are starting to organise trick or treating!

In the last few years, it’s just been complexes and housing estates that have organised Halloween events. We were invited to a few Halloween things tonight, and decided to stay close to home and join Hilary and Nick in their neighbourhood for their trick or treating shindig.

It was so cool! It was organised by the residents association, and after meeting in a local park, the residents were given a map showing all the houses that were participating… and off they went.

There were between 2 and 4 houses taking part on most streets. We arrived late because of the horrendous traffic today, so I had to drive around looking for Nick and the band of kids he had in tow. Most people had set up tables outside, were sitting on deck chairs and having a few toots while waiting for the trick or treaters. Nick said the one family even had a braai going and had started on boerewors rolls!

Our kids of course, couldn’t do this quietly… they were running down the streets chanting on top of their voices:

“Trick or treat

Smell my feet

Give me something good to eat

Not too big

Not too small

Just the size of China Mall”

It was a really awesome evening 🙂 and I got to spend it on a deck chair, sipping wine, and chatting! What a perfect end to the day.

The best part was that it wasn’t a mission! I’m so over the Zoo and the Brightwater Commons halloween shindigs!