It’s so hot today… and the coldness of the aircons at work are making go a little loopy!

I took the photos of the kids a few weeks ago, when they were swimming at my parent’s house. How bad am I? To be fair, I couldn’t find the CF card that these images were on, and I was thrilled when I found it this morning!!

I really should take more regular photos of the kids again… I’ve been such a bad photography mom! Bradley is changing so much again, I need to capture all this boy-ish-ness before it become too teenagery (yes, I’m well aware I’m making up words here)

They were having such a ball with the pool noodles. I love that they’ve found a new use for them… it’s no longer a swimming aid

You know what makes me love these particular photos? The way they’re playing together. I really do have some special boys. I love that they play together, look, let’s not kid here, they also fight like cat and dog. These times together are so precious. Just look how Brad was quite happy to drag Connor around the pool? OK, he was trying to dislodge him, but that’s where the fun was.

They have this amazing connection, and I really hope it doesn’t change. It’s starting to get tested a lot at home, where the fighting is happening more often… but for the most part they spend a lot of time together.

I took them to rAge yesterday at the Dome, and noticed how Bradley is always looking for Connor to make sure he’s ok. He would leave him to his own devices, but go up and have a chat to him about the games they were seeing around them, or comment about the costumes, or make sure he was following us 🙂 it made my heart happy.

Ok, that’s it, I’m going back to carrying my camera with me… they need more photos taken! And actually, I’m thinking that they need a friends shoot… although they won’t feel the same way, I’ll have to find a spot that’s uber cool for that idea to fly