When I do shoots at Delta Park, which is often, my clients often ask me where the closest coffee shop is… and to be honest, there really haven’t been many places to send them to, other than traipsing to Linden or Parkhurst. Then I read a post on Kate’s blog about a new place called Delta Cafe!

Delta Cafe has been open for 2 months, and is on Marlborough Drive in the REEA Complex, next to the nursery.

So, I sent a tweet to Lauren, and she was keen to try it too… and we met there today for lunch. It was awesome to leave the office for a bit and escape to a place 15 minutes from Sandton!

I’d never been to the REEA complex, and had no idea what it was about actually. It’s a care facility and hostel for epilepsy sufferers. The complex is owned by the REEA, and apart from the stables, houses a nursery, a small farm stall (they apparently sell fresh eggs and grow veggies on the property) and charity shop. Next time I go, I’ll explore a little more.

What a fabulous place! Their coffee was amazing, being Bean There coffee… and the barista did the most amazing patterns in my cappuccinos (yes, I had more than one). The lunch was also really good… although we both wished we’d got there 15 minutes earlier to order their breakfast fry-up 🙂

It’s not very big, and we sat on benches under the trees. They cater for families, and kids… and it’s a cycling and dog friendly spot too… with direct access into the park. The owner chatted to us for a bit and told us that on weekends it’s hectically busy, and they run queues. I can imagine!




He also mentioned that on Wednesday nights, there’s a Night cycle run that starts from the Cafe…. now that would be fantastic!




I’d love a clock like this in my diningroom!! How very cool!

I’ll definitely go back there again