It’s about time I blogged about the renovations and shown you what it looks like now!

We did quite a bit, from the replacement of the living room, dining room, passage floors, to the repainting of the whole house, replacement of all the doors and light fittings in the house, as well as completely renovating the boys bathroom and the guest loo. I’m going to split the before and after posts… mostly because my photos are not all on the walls yet, so the rooms are still looking a bit bare, but that should be solved tomorrow 😉

The whole entire aim of the exercise was to fix the flooring (which was so badly tiled), and to get more light into the house.

Think white… very white… with some grey.

The bathrooms downstairs were in sore need of an upgrade. Although the previous owners of the house had retiled before we moved in, the fittings were absolutely ancient. When we got the quote from Peter (our builder), he also said that our water pipes were galvanised steel, and not copper… which meant 2 things… that we couldn’t get mixers and that at some stage we would have to replace them because the pipes start closing and they’d virtually reached the end of their lives. So, that meant more cost because all the pipes needed to be replaced with copper and chased into the walls again… but that also meant that we could get the types of taps we really wanted!

In the end, this is what we did to the two bathrooms:

1. Removed the existing tiles, all the fittings (apart from the bath that we’d re-enamelled 2 years ago) and the wall around the shower.

2. Put grey coloured screed on the floor (Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener)

3. Re-tiled the walls using my favourite white subway tiles (which was a much more expensive exercise than we bargained on, we needed 30sqm).

4. Re-tiled the showers with a hint of blue… using gorgeous tiles meant for swimming pools! Hey, it works, don’t knock it… and it reminds us of a waterfall going into a pool at the bottom 😉 . These tiles were from the strangest tile place in Roodepoort. It’s a house on Ontdekkers called Latitude Tile. They had the widest range we came across in our extensive travels, and apart from the subway tiles, were far far cheaper than anyone else we found.

We wanted to have a walk in shower without a door… but it just didn’t work in the space 🙁

For some reason I didn’t take photos of the bathrooms before the renovations… but they were beige with old huge toilets and dark brown beams on the ceilings. The only photo that kind of shows you something, is the one down the passage. The beige tiled wall at the end is the shower wall. You can kind of see how dark the house was before… drove me batty!!




And finally… after 5 weeks… the after…

It’s clean and white with grey floors and a pop of blue just to break it! The first image shows what you can see down the passage… it forces the kids to keep the shower clean! Their shower reminds us of a waterfall going into a puddle 🙂

The guest bathroom is absolutely tiny… so we stuck with the white subway tiles again. You can see the wooden ceiling beams that we painted in the second photo.


Subway tiles, basins, toilets and towel rails: Bathroom Bizarre
Shower tile feature: Latitude Tiles
Hansgroher taps: Water-ways in Honeydew
Towels: Woolworths

Light fittings: Lighting Warehouse
White wooden blinds: Rene from Waterfall projects
Shower glass: the builder

So, what do you think?