For some reason Bradley agreed to a few photos… just as I was getting into the swing of things, he took a gap while I checked the screen and ran inside… but not before I got a few goodies 🙂

He’s a beautiful child.

And he’s getting big…

I met Marcia for lunch today and realised while I was chatting to her that I don’t really blog much about him anymore.

It may be because I’m not sure you’re interested, but it’s also because he gets a little shy now about what I say about him… and I get that.

But in another breath, if I don’t journal it, I’m going to forget!

I’m going to forget that at the age of 11, he’s wearing a men’s size 8 shoe, and is wearing mens clothing now too.

That his braces have been postponed because we’re waiting for 2 baby teeth to fall out.

That he came back from school camp this year a little reserved, and I’m a little concerned about him at school now. I’m praying he’s not being teased too much.

He’s starting to stretch! He’s already taller than some of his friends’ moms 🙂 but he’s not a beanpole… and I’m hoping that’s not the problem at school

That he’s lost his phone… so he’s only in contact with his friends via Google+ now… not WeChat and Whatsapp.

That he doesn’t like Instagram much 🙁

That he’s decided not to do cricket again, and I’m thinking now that it’s because he’s not really enjoying team sports or anything where he’s compared to someone else… and that’s why he’s loving karate so much, because he’s really just up against himself.

That he’s a bright spark at school, and is determined to keep his marks high so that he can get into the high school he wants to go to.