The guys at Hills sent Kimo and Kitara a little gift… the best form of gift for huskies considering my dogs actually don’t play with toys


Kimo thought I was nuts putting an unopened packet with interesting smells in front of him, and I promise I didn’t tease him with it for too long before I opened it and gave them a biscuit 🙂

Thankfully the package isn’t cardboard, or else it would’ve been chewed! LOL!

The new treats for dogs is part of a new range of dog food called Ideal Balance, and this biscuit flavour is oven baked turkey and cranberry.

New Hill’s Ideal Balance treats are the ideal stocking-filler for your pet – combining the finest natural ingredients with perfectly balanced nutrition. There are three varieties for dogs (recommended retail price R49 for 227g);

  • Oven Baked Naturals with Turkey and Cranberries – for real Christmas flavour!

  • Oven Baked Naturals with Chicken and Apples

  • Soft Baked Naturals with Duck and Pumpkin


I must say, I was a little sceptical about the cranberry part. But it seems as if the dogs like it! And my dogs are damned fussy eaters, even with treats, there are only certain types of treats that they’ll eat… the rest get left or buried.

Listen my dogs have serious food issues… Kitara is actually using Hills special prescription diet dog food now because of her weight and mobility issues, and she’s eating it. She’s lost a tiny bit of weight on it, but we’ve also discovered she has a thyroid issue that we’re trying to resolve… it’s a bit of a battle right now… but that’s a topic for another blog post.

I’m definitely going to be hunting for more once this package is finished.

Hills is also running a campaign on Facebook and Twitter to help feed shelter pets. Each new like on their Hills Pets South Africa Facebook page or @HillspetSA Twitter account will count as a meal for needy pets… so do your thing and help them and the pets out!