The kids were in a bad mood this morning.

It was hot. My MIL has stayed with us for 2 nights this week, so they haven’t slept well (she moves around a lot and gets up a lot at night), and this morning their plans for today were thwarted because she had to be looked after. Oh and Bradley is procrastinating and doesn’t want to study for his exams that are looming.

The pool rescued the  day.

It took a while for me to convince Bradley that he needed to get wet. But once he did he started smiling again. Especially because Connor was so engrossed with showing off in the pool for me, that Bradley was left to his own devices and could just float around and be “alone”.

It also helped that I turned off all my gadgets for a few hours and we watched a movie on TV toegther, after taking them for a burger… before I had to dash off again to the next shoot. The house was still calm and friendly when I got home.

I really need to just stop everything every now and then and just be with the boys… it’s all they really want.