So you know that Connor is completely obsessed with Minecraft… still!

He plays it on the Xbox and the iPad, and is dying to get a PC version too… never mind the fact that he doesn’t actually have a PC! But apparently the mods will only work properly on the PC version 😉


I’ve watched them play the game, and I wasn’t too interested in getting involved, but Connor has been insistent for the last few weeks. He wants to teach me how to play. He wants to play with me.

So this weekend, in between the photoshoots and everything else we did, I spent a few hours playing with him.

Or rather, he spent 2 hours patiently explaining which buttons to press when to get the characters to do various things.

He was a gem!

When my food reserves dropped, he’d tell me to stay in the valley we were exploring, and go hunting. Flip he was quick… I’d either get stuck in a shaft or be swimming around a lake trying to work out what to do, when he’d be back with raw chicken to eat or mushrooms to make into a broth! By the time we stopped playing he’d found me a few wolves as pets too!

I was learning how my various axes worked by bashing and chopping at walls… and then he used the gaping hole I’d dug to build a shop! Within 5 minutes it had a door, a gated window and then he extended it and put in 2 beds and other various things.

So damn clever!

He carried on building our new world for a while after I had to feed the read dogs and carry on with supper etc, and then told me about what he’d caught and built so that when we play again, there’s so much more in our little world.

How awesome. Connor was telling me that when he plays with Bradley, that while he builds things and mines (because apparently he’s a better miner), Bradley goes off to gather and hunt for both of them. They’re a dinkum little virtual team! It warms my geeky heart 🙂

No wonder they can play this game for hours on end without much fighting.

Guess what I’m going to be doing this weekend 😉