Every year I’m in awe of Oom Drik’s veggie garden, and this year is no different.

We visited MIL yesterday in Parys, and Oom Drik took us to the back of house to show us the enormous cucumbers. They’re massive! They picked one last week which was 1.2kg! I tried to get the size of them depicted properly by getting Connor to spy through the trellis that they’re growing up.

I’m also quite amazed to see them growing like this, I’ve only seen them on the ground… this trellis may be the answer! Also, he’s growing the butternut the same way… that was a mistake though, his packet of cucumber seeds that he planted ended up being half butternut!

He’s got amazing green fingers. We were also studying his rain water collection tanks that he uses to water his garden. And when that runs out, Parys still has canals along the road that get flooded once a week for residents to water their gardens… the canals get pumped from the Vaal River which runs past the town.

Of course, the rest of his veggies needed photos too. He has about 3 different varieties of tomatoes that he grows every year.

Can you see that bulging pocket on his shirt? Oom Drik carries a little notebook everywhere… it stores the rainfall and weather records for his garden and goes back years 🙂

Every time we visit we get a rundown on the weather since we visited last.

Wish I could get my veggie patch to grow like that! The only thing I can really get right is spinach and broccoli.