Entering a 21km race happening at the beginning of January seemed like a good idea at the time. In reality this means that while everyone around me is slothing around on holiday, I’m hitting the road trying to get my running in!

I’ve realised that I haven’t done a running update on my blog in a while… I had a slow November apart from the Soweto 21 that I did, so it seemed pointless to do a blog post about it.

This month I started training properly again, and in the last week I’ve run… a lot.

Last Sunday I got talked into running my first trail run (well, one that wasn’t a park run). I met Darren (@dazmsmith) and a few others from a trail running group at Emmarentia, and we ran along the spruit to Delta Park… around Delta Park and then back along the spruit to our cars. It was 10.8km of awesome fun!

I’m glad I got talked into it. It was a great break from the road.

I was worried about not keep up with them, but I needn’t have. Turns out I was in the middle of the group the whole way, and we stopped often to let everyone catch up.

Then on Tuesday, I did the Pirate Hat Race, also known as the Wobblers and Wigglers race. That was great fun! It wasn’t so much fun to get up early on a public holiday when the rain was softly falling… but the 8km race was worth it. The idea is that you can only run if you wear a hat… so a santa hat it was.

There’s only one water point in the race, so I was grateful that it was a chilly day. This water point is also unlike other races… there’s beer on tap! So, I had to have some of course 😉 and then ran the next 4km with the beer jiggling around in my tummy! LOL!

After the race, while drinking a coke to get a bit of sugar into my body, I had a thought. When I started this running lark in January, I really didn’t know very many people running. Through RWFL and Twitter and Facebook, I now know a lot of people and I chat to a lot of people at the various races now… not just my fellow RWFL runners. I love that!

We’re all just as crazy as each other, to get up at the crack of dawn on Sundays and public holidays and run races in the rain.

I’ve ended the week with a whopper of a run too! This morning I got up early and ran 15km 🙂

I should be ok for this 21km… although I doubt I’m going to beat my first 21km time… I’m going to have fun in the process.