I’m not sure what the worst part of these stupid Eskom power cuts are?

  • the horrendous traffic
  • the pile of unedited photos that have to wait
  • trying to work out what to cook… thankfully this isn’t too much pain for us because we have a gas hob, which is a lifesaver! I can make tea and coffee
  • the fact they’re no longer sticking to any kind of plan, so you can’t organise your life
  • have I mentioned the traffic?

Well, the kids are bored and whiny. That drives me insane.

Thankfully, during the day, there’s the pool and it’s swelteringly hot, so that helps a lot. We’ve also got a pile of good boardgames for evenings… and now that they’re both old enough now, the games of choice are Rummikub and Millionaires Monopoly (only that one because a game doesn’t last hours) or some kind of card game.

Our lighting choices at night are a combination of camping gas lamps (which now need new refills), the Consol glass solar lamps and some battery operated lights and a couple of candles that we have floating around.

Actually, there’s a thought for Christmas stocking fillers this year… the kids are getting funky headlamps! That’ll work!

Anyway, today the power was out for about 4 hours. When we got home, I got them to write out their Christmas lists while listening to music blaring from the iPad… that kept them occupied for ages and they had smiles by the end of it!

This year, Connor didn’t want any help with his letter 🙂 and I just loved the note at the end with a big bold GOOD!

I have been very GOOD this year.

I hope I get gifts.

Thank you Santa.