The theme for the this week of the M4HProject52 is “Storytelling”

I must say I’ve been a little stumped with this theme. I’ve been looking at the other photos being posted in absolute awe… and sometimes with many tears with the beautiful stories being shared.

I think it’s because I’m struggling a bit with things at the moment.

But, actually, I’m the storyteller of our family. I take many photos of the kids, sometimes they absolutely hate it, and in the last 2 years I’ve stopped doing 365 projects so they haven’t had me in their faces as much. Every year I print a photobook with my favourite family photos from the year, and include all the major milestones and trips and special outings that we go on. I was really bad last year and didn’t get to printing the 2013 album, but while I was on leave I put time aside and finally finished it!

It arrived by courier today, and I was reminded again why I go through the effort. There’s just something special about seeing your photos in print… in one book. The kids chatted and giggled and pointed at many of the photos saying “remember this” and “remember we were racing there” and “I remember that birthday cake” and “ooh look that’s…” and “that was a cool place we must go there again”…

If you’re wondering what it looks like…

I’ve actually also designed the 2014 book too! Go me! I’ll have it printed when I send another client order for printing.