We went to Walter Sisulu gardens this afternoon to get out of the house… and to find a photo for this week’s theme, which I’ve surprisingly struggled with.

I had such good intentions with the Light theme! The plan was to wait for the setting sun, and take the kids somewhere and get some photos of them with the sun behind them. Well, so much for that! This week was too busy. On Saturday the clouds came over mid afternoon and just stuck around. Then today, it was sunny and hot while we walked around the gardens… until we got to the strip of veld and the storm clouds arrived!

Plans thwarted again!

However, it did mean that I got beautiful soft light… perfect for taking photos actually, so I really shouldn’t complain… except for Bradley’s grumpy face! OMW I struggled to get him to sit in the veld, you’d swear I was torturing him! This was the closest I got to the photo I wanted.

I love the veld at this time of the year with the wild flowers everywhere. Actually maybe the light was just perfect because you can see the colours properly.

So in the end, my interpretation is… perfect light

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