We visited Danna and Ryan at their place at the Vaal dam today… and we had a ball! They’ve been there for most of the holiday and our kids have really missed their friends, so there was a lot of chatting and laughing and running and swimming and playing that went on.

And we spent a few hours on the boat. First the kids and Lance went on the tube, and then we stopped close to an island and the kids (and me) swam to the island and back a few times.

It was such an amazing day out!

Swimming in the dam 🙂 they loved this! When they got to the beach they had a bit of a mud fight, did a bit of exploring and then swam back.

Those little splodges are the kids… it wasn’t exactly close!

Then I had a dip too, which I think surprised the kids

Yet again, I took my trusty 50mm, and I really missed having a long zoom today. You may be wondering why I keep taking just that little lens… it’s simple really, it’s light and small, and I’m tired of lugging around a huge heavy camera bag.