So you all know I started running in 2014. I was the first member at the new Randpark Ridge Run Walk for Life that opened at the end of Jan 2014. My running’s not going to stop this year, that’s for sure. That’s not a New Year plan thing… I’m not into that. The only thing I really plan every year is to do something I’ve never done before… in 2014 that would definitely be my running journey.

Because I love numbers, you know of course, that my apps (Strava and Runkeeper) have been keeping tabs on my progress… so here’s a rundown on what I’ve achieved in 2014.

  • I ran a total of 856km!
  • I ran 7 races. 5 of them 10km races, and one of them was a 21km race… the Soweto half marathon
  • I’ve lost 7kg and dropped one dress size (and I’ve just had to get new smaller running gear!)
  • I’ve spent a small fortune on the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever owned… and the soles are already worn! My word, I’m hard on shoes! I’ve been through 2 pairs of running shoes this year.
  • I’ve come to realise I’m never going to be the most graceful runner on the road, or the most silent! LOL! You can hear me coming a mile away when I’m puffing and panting up a hill 🙂 I normally shout on ahead “beware heavy breather coming from behind!”
  • I’ve met the most amazing people on this journey


Cool stats hey?

As for 2015, I’ve already signed up for two 21km races. The first one, the Dischem 21, is next Sunday, so think of me when we start at 6am 😉

Then, excitingly, I’ve also got into the Two Oceans half marathon! Yes, I do know that the 21km route is not the pretty scenic route, but there’s no way the 56km appeals to me!

Other than that, I’ll do more 21kms. I’m dying to also do the Knysna half marathon, but we’ll see how the year pans out.