Connor uses a very old rusted scooter. His daily “thing” this holiday has been to go up and down the road on the sidewalk on his scooter in bare feet. It gives me the heebie jeebies watching him trying to stop and eventually jump off! He also refuses point blank to wear shoes to go on his rides.

I was pondering doing a 365 project again, I do need to stretch myself again, but the thought of it just fills me with dread!

So instead, I’ve decided to do a 52 project. I’m joining the MyFourHens 52 project, and she gives a theme every week to follow, and you have the week to post the photo related to the theme. The first theme went up a few hours ago, and I’m already in awe of some of the photos that have been submitted by other photographers… I’m going to enjoy this one I think!

If you’re wondering why I’m mad enough to do this… it will force me to take more photos for myself and be creative again.