The theme for the week on MyFourHens Photography’s 52 Project: Small

Again I had to wait for the weekend to take my Project 52 shot. My idea was to take a photo of Connor, my smallest little boy, against some backdrop showing how small he is… because he’s really not small.

I knew there was an instawalk planned on Northcliff Hill, and decided to take along one of the boys to get a shot of them. Well, plans were thwarted because they decided they were tired after a long day. When they saw some of the instagram photos I’d take though, and they realised which hill and which tower I planned on taking them to, they were keen to come along today.

We had a blast on the top of the hill! It was very exciting to be on top of the hill at the tower that you can see from most of Johannesburg. They were even more thrilled when I showed them where our house was! LOL! Connor was in awe when he spotted lightning in the distance while it was so hot and sunny where we were.

I really need to do a sunset shoot here with a couple… hint hint!

So for now, the photo I’ve chosen for the theme… I’ll post the rest tomorrow night

He’s my littlest, and I sometimes forget that he’s still small, and jumping on a cliff path is just so much fun to do.