For the last 2 weeks I’ve been taking part in a Fitbit challenge with a few other moms against a few tech dudes.

It’s called the #Fitbitfaceoff and you’ve probably seen me use the hashtag on Twitter.

I’m part of the #Wondermommies crew, which includes Sharon aka BlessedBarrenness, Nicki Dadic, Pippa aka UnexpectedPippa, and Zodwa  and we’ve been challenged to see if we can walk more than the guys basically, over the next few weeks!

We’re all wearing FitBit Charges, which I’m absolutely LOVING! It’s been so comfortable to wear, and because it’s also a watch (unlike the last wearable I was using), I’m now leaving my watch at home.

I’m completely obsessed with checking up on my steps during the day. During the first week, I was gung-ho and did at least 10,000 steps a day, but I must say I’ve been struggling this week. It’s been tough.

Listen, 10,000 steps may seem trivial, but I work in an office all day. Unless I’m moving between meetings every half an hour I’m unlikely to get close to that mark without doing some exercise.

I find that I do approximately 1300 steps before I leave home in the morning, and today, I had an unusual number of meetings and only did 6500 steps by the time I got home.

So tonight, Kimo went on a 4km walk which he loved. And I managed my 10,000 steps. If you’re wondering, I take the dogs on long walks 3 times a week on my non-running days as a cross training exercise… although saying that part of a walk with Kimo always involves a little running and definitely a full body workout when he spots rabbits or cats or guinea fowl like he did this evening! OMW I struggled to stop him from dashing off tonight after he spotted 2 bunnies in the veld!!

The rest of the week should be a breeze for me though, because I’m running tomorrow at RWFL, then I have a 10km race on Friday night, a long photoshoot on Saturday, and a long 12km run on Sunday morning (oh and a photoshoot too).

Being part of this #Wondermommies team has been so motivating. We check up on each other on the Fitbit app, and encourage each other there.

If you want to follow the news, the Fitbit Facebook page and FitBit Twitter account has been tracking it, and puts up stats every now and then.