As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I took the kids up Northcliff Hill on Sunday afternoon for the first time.

They had a ball exploring the cliff path, and wondering at the view. They were amazed we could see where our house was, and could recognise some of the places we go to.

Bradley caught me explaining how he needed to take a photo of me… I was explaining the rules of thirds and where I wanted the skyline in the shot.

The result 🙂 I’m thrilled with it!! I can also finally see in the photo that I’ve lost weight… I can see definition in my shoulders that were never there before.

I had a ball taking photos of them 😉 although I was a little scared when they got too close to the edge.

I also must say, that some of the other people that were on the hill made me worry… not because they were dodgy, but because of how far down the cliff they were going to sit and watch the view. There was a family with little kids clambering down… right next to the cross of the girl that fell off the edge a few weeks ago! Crazy people.

I need to do a family shoot (not with tiny kids though, that would freak me out) up there, or a couple shoot. It just has to be done.