The theme for the week on MyFourHens Photography’s 52 Project: Nature

There were so many options for this week’s theme. I didn’t want to make this about the kids and human nature. It was a toss up between flowers in my garden, flowers in my mom’s garden, the veld, a tree… and I thought I needed to have something that signified autumn. I thought cosmos, and considered a rambling drive out into Honeydew to find some illusive cosmos on the side of the road… and then remembered Delta Park’s beautiful pockets of cosmos.

So I took the kids and their soccer ball, and we went cosmos hunting this afternoon.

I used the opportunity to try out free-lensing again, and I’m thrilled with the images I got! I’ll post the rest on my blog tomorrow.

Cosmos against the beautiful blue autumn sky.

You just know that autumn has arrived when the cosmos are in full bloom.

I love that this challenge is really challenging me 🙂