Connor went on a school trip to Douglasdale Dairy today.

Now that’s an awesome school trip! They learnt about milk production… which he says is “a very complicated process” and they got to drink fresh FULL-CREAM milk, which is apparently much tastier from the dairy than from the shops.

But his highlights, other than the 2 glasses he brought home…

1. He got to pet a cow “it was soft… and smelly”

2. He made an acorn man from the acorns he found on the ground… “and we saw 2 squirrels!!”

Then, I asked him if he enjoyed the lunch I packed. It was roast beef on a roll.

He told me that he felt too bad to eat it in front of the cows “because they have beef inside them you know”, so he walked to a field where there were no cows to eat his food! LOL! I didn’t even think of that when I packed his lunch today!