You’d think that with a week to go to Two Oceans, I’d feel ready for it.

Well, I don’t.

I thought I was fine when I ran Om die Dam. I even thought I was fine while I hobbled around and rested for the rest of the weekend (apart from the seriously sore blister).

And then I ran 4km at RWFL on Tuesday evening, and felt a familiar twinge in my knee. So I took it easy.

However, I ran 4km last night again, and I was in serious pain again 🙁 I’m sure it’s my glutes again… my glutes are not strong, and I’m not using them or my core when I’m running… which is putting strain on my knee.

So much for my 10km run on Saturday. I’m going to have to rest.

I’m also going to have to do loads of butt exercises again. When I saw this dreadful photo of me finishing Om die Dam 21, I knew that twisting of my leg had come back because I’ve been bad, and haven’t been doing the exercises the physio gave me.



LOL I look exhausted in this photo! It’s not the most flattering photo ever taken.

On that note, the physio found my photos of me running very helpful to diagnose the problem, so there’s a helpful tip for those planning on physio visits soon. I happened to have a few on my phone when I went.

So now I need to pray that I can get my leg sorted before next Saturday. I don’t have time to get to the physio again, we’re driving to CT next week.

This 21km race will be my fourth one. I shouldn’t be nervous about a half marathon anymore, should I? But I am.

There’s just so much hype about this race. It doesn’t help that I’m following Two Oceans on Twitter and Facebook, and that I’m constantly reminded about it with their statuses, as well as the hundreds of articles being shared by Runners World on Facebook and Twitter.

I think it’s also because it’s unknown to me. And everyone just talks about how crap the 21km route actually is because you don’t even see the ocean. And everyone talks about the congestion in the race which will be unlike any other race I’ve run.

In theory though, I should get through it. I’ve run the Dischem 21 with the most god awful hill at the end! And I’ve done that congestion before when I did the Argus cycle race… even though that was 15 years ago!!

Anyhoo, I need to get over this, and remember to pack Transact patches!!