Yes, you read that right, I’m running the Two Oceans half marathon in a few weeks time. Me… the person who started running just over a year ago. Craziness.

If my body allows me to do it.

I’ve just checked, and I haven’t updated my blog with my running progress since the beginning of the year! Bad blogger. It’s been a hell of a few months, but anyhoo, I’m hoping life will get back to some normality soon.

In between all the home chaos, and the normal work and photography stuff happening, I’ve been training for the Two Oceans.

I’ve done 2 races this year already… the Dischem 21 (which was hell for the last 3km and I don’t think I’ll ever do that race again), and the Valentines 10km night race (which was absolutely amazing)

And in between the running, I’ve been recuperating from what feels like endless issues with my body. I don’t think I’ve ever used up my medical aid as fast as I’m using it this year!

I hurt my right knee running down the hill at the Dischem 21 race, right at the very end. Since then, I’ve been at physio a few times. I’ve also hurt my left calf somewhere along the line. In the last 2 months, as a result of these issues and learning that I’m not using my bum or my core when I’m running which is exacerbating the problems with my knees and calves… I’m not only running, but walking on my non-running days, and doing endless bum strengthening and core exercises and umpteen stretches.

It’s been a little rough to be honest.

Then last week, I got flu. I was man-down by Thursday night, and still ran a time trial which was the slowest one I’ve ever run.

Oh and then to top all that off, I did a photoshoot with a 10 month old on Saturday afternoon, and managed to hurt my back in the process! So I was back at the doc yesterday getting anti-inflamatories and muscle relaxants!

I’m convinced that most of my biomechanical issues I’m having is due to my body having to learn how to use it’s muscles for the first time in decades. I’ve had to learn how to run. I’m having to teach my body slowly, how to engage muscles.

It’s also been expensive! I’ve had to get another pair of running shoes (which was partially the cause of my calf problem)! The Asics that I thought would last for 1000km, only lasted just over 500km apparently because my biomechanics is out of whack. So… I now have a gorgeous lumo yellow and purple pair of Asics Kayano 21’s 🙂

Anyhoo, we’ll get through this.

I have loads of plans for this body of mine for the rest of this year.

I had my last night of rest tonight. Thursday I’m back on the road in full force, and then this weekend I’ll do the last LSD (long slow distance).

Next weekend, I’m doing the Om die Dam 21km in Hartebeespoort. Which right now seems uber silly now that I know what time we have to leave in the night to get there on time!

Then it’s a rest weekend with a shorter distance.

And then it’s the big race!

EEEKKK!!! I was really hoping to get my best 21km time, but after these setbacks, I’ll be thrilled to finish under 2h30.

I’ll keep you all posted… and of course, I’ll be instagramming along the way 😉