We took the boys to see One Direction on Sunday night.

It was their very first big concert, and the first time they’d been at the big stadium, and there was major excitement… well, only Connor showed it, because Bradley had decided a few weeks ago that One Direction was only cool for girls. In fact, he just sat like a brick during the entire evening and refused to sing let along dance!

We decided to do the bus thing too, so we drove to Silver Star casino to catch a Park-and-Ride bus. Even though it was really frustrating getting there, because the bus driver had NO idea how to get to the stadium and went the wrong direction a few times… in the end it was a blessing because we got home pretty quickly.

Look how cool Bradley was acting….

We had pretty good seats, I know it looks endlessly far away in this shot, but we weren’t really far back at all.

Such excitement when the band appeared on the stage :) 

This is one of the best part of having kids… experiencing things again for the very first time 🙂

Connor was in his element. He screamed and danced and sang his way through the evening. Bradley watched intently and tried hard to act cool.

Even though he said he’s not much of a fan, he could immediately tell us who each one of the band members were, and which songs were supposed to have been sung by Zayn Malik. LOL! We all decided that they did perfectly fine without the 5th member of the band, and that him leaving wasn’t going to stop their success,

We laughed a lot whenever Niall’s face appeared on the screen, because it’s VERY clear that he’s the major girl crush… my word the screaming when he appeared was just insane! I felt a little sorry for the other guys who didn’t get that much of a reaction… I would’ve thought Harry would get that screaming, from all the publicity the guy gets.

Lance and I decided we weren’t really good Directioners though. We only knew their major hit songs, and we didn’t recognise half of the songs they sang.

It was a really good concert, and well worth the effort. Although we were exceptionally tired the next morning, cos we were up at the crack of dawn to drive to Cape Town. My only complaint would be that the Balkan burger and pulled pork food vans were parked outside the stadium and didn’t have representation inside… cos we ended up eating the most awful hotdogs from Sausage Saloon… but then I like good food 😉

All my photos were taken with my iPhone6 and editing on the phone.