One of the side effects of Roaccutane is dry lips and boy, that’s something I’ve been struggling with since I started my treatment.

I’ve now bought a wide range of lip products, which I’ve got available all over my house, the car, my desk at the office and in my handbag and camera bags. Most of them I’ve bought in desperation while I’m out shopping and realised I’ve forgotten to add that essential to my handbag or my pocket.

I’ve been asked by a few people, which ones are my favourites, so I’d thought I’d share my market-of-one findings.

The photo shows just the lip balms I found in my bedroom this morning 🙂 and is by no means the full range that I’m using.


1. The best by far is Lansinoh. Yip, it’s not even a lip balm. It’s a nipple cream! The dermatologist told me to try it, but I only bought some after my dentist told me the same thing, and Hilary  gave me some samples to try. It’s seriously the best ever! It’s the only thing that works overnight, and my lips still feel normal in the morning… without that, I wake up with lips that won’t move and crack.

2. Uriage – the dermatologist recommended this one, and it’s really lovely. About the same price as Lansinoh.

3. Eucerin – bought this when Dischem ran out of the Uriage. It’s R10 cheaper. I don’t like that it’s a very wet lipbalm and it doesn’t feel like it lasts very long.

4. Labello – I use a few of them. My favourites are the Active Care for Men, then the Med Protection (it has a SPF15) and then the pale blue one.

I’ve also heard that Bepanthen works well, but I have an issue with using bum cream on my face 🙂