The theme for the week on MyFourHens Photography’s 52 Project: Muse

I’ve posted early this week, because being on holiday is awesome that way 😉

My muses have to be my boys. And I cannot be inspired more than being on holiday with them, with their gorgeous smiles and so much fun and beautiful scenery.

I started my photography journey taking photos of the kids. I love being able to capture them growing up, and even though they really do hate it most days now, I still try to take photos of them as often as I can. They’re my go-to guinea pigs when I’m trying out new methods and learning new things.

They also teach me time and time again, not to expect poses.

Take this photo for example… I’ve got loads of photos of them on Strand beach from Tuesday evening. I don’t have one perfectly posed image. But this one, with both of them laughing and Connor kicking water at Bradley has to be my favourite and shows their relationship at the moment.