We met my aunt and uncle for lunch yesterday at Blaauwklippen Wine Farm outside Stellenbosch.

What a mission to find a spot that wasn’t fully booked for Easter Sunday lunch?! I suppose I shouldn’t have thought about it at the last minute… but anyhoo, when I got hold of the Bistro and they said there was space, we took it!

We got there a little early and ambled through the market first. It was an awesome little market with loads of gorgeous food stalls, and a lovely place to sit and eat. There were plenty of people buying their food from the market and then setting up picnics in the gardens. To be honest, that market food looked and smelled a lot nicer than the food we had at the bistro. There was one stall in particular that sold slow cooked roast lamb in wraps… and there was a looong queue waiting, but I’m sure the wait was worthwhile.

It was packed! I’d wanted to also do a little wine tasting while we were there, but the tasting rooms were really full too. So instead, I tried the 2 wines that looked nice over lunch, and bought a few bottles 😉

Lunch at the Bistro on Sundays is not a quiet affair. When we booked, we were warned that there’d be a band playing. They played 70’s and 80’s music, and I really really enjoyed it! It was lovely sitting under the umbrellas and trees listening to good music and drinking good wine.

The food on offer at the Bistro was a little odd. There were 2 specials, but by the time we got there, the pork burgers were already sold out… 30 minutes after they opened, which was a pity cos I probably would’ve ordered that. They only offer charturie boards with cheeses, breads and either pates or hams and a smattering of veggies. I was a little disappointed in the platter I ordered to be fair, I was expecting more variety of cheese… I got a teeny wedge of brie and a tiny square of blue cheese, yet loads and loads of parmesan… it just wasn’t balanced. Lance was also expecting more from his vegetarian platter, it had more pickles than fresh veggies, and that wasn’t clear in the description on the menu. But if you like pickles, you’ll like the food 😉

They do have a very small kids menu, which worked ok for the boys. Loved the space the kids had to play in. And there’s a small animal farm place for the kids to wander around too. It’s a perfect spot for families.

It was a really lovely relaxing afternoon…

It was so very different to the first wine farm we visited in Paarl… there were thousands of people there!