I spent quite a few hours today at the Kamers vol geskenke market that is currently being held at St Johns college in Houghton Estate. I’ve been looking forward to this pop-up market for ages, so I made sure that I didn’t book a shoot for one day this weekend!

I went to the market today with my mom (who went yesterday but was keen on going again), and my friend Madelein. It’s always a great friends outing!

We had a ball wondering through the school and browsing all the little market stalls, drinking coffee and sipping on gorgeous local champagne.

I did regret taking my little 50mm lens… I couldn’t get the entire building in! My word, I love the St Johns buildings. It’s such a beautiful place.

Wish we’d gone to the market earlier! I loved these boards with the egg cups, but they were sold out apart from these show pieces, which she is selling tomorrow 🙁 I’ll have to buy them online.

As soon as I spotted the Margot Molyneux shop, I bought a new dress for winter! I LOVE her clothes, and the last dress I bought at the last Kamersvol in Irene was my favourite dress to wear this summer.

See that vase on the top shelf? It’s now in my entrance area 🙂 LOVED the ceramics made by Storm in a teacup. My mom chatted to the owner yesterday, and she was saying that most of the throwers are Zimbabwean.

Should have bought some earrings from Lorean… I’ll have to order some online instead.

Of course, we bought chocolate 😉 Got some amazing mint chocolate and a fudge toffee flavour too


One of the reasons I went to the market, was to get a french linen table runner from Masquerade. They’re based in Franschoek and don’t have an online store. I was very sad to see that there weren’t any today 🙁


My mom and I and the lovely champagne 🙂

Kamersvol is still open tomorrow, and there are normally sales on the last day… so if you haven’t been yet, I’d make a plan! Also, the queues are quite long, so we bought online tickets this time before we went, and that ended up being the best idea!