On the way home to Johannesburg, we stopped over outside Colesburg at a guest farm called Kuilfontein Stable Cottages.

My parents have stayed there many times, so we were pleased that they had space and we could finally try the place my mom and dad have been talking about for years.

Well, we loved it, and we’ll definitely stay there again when we drive to the Cape. It was wonderful!

We got there at about 3pm, and Penny mentioned to the boys that there were planes parked at the back that they may want to have a look at. Silly question, of course they did! We walked around to the planes, only to get stopped in our tracks by a ground squirrel, who kept coming closer to us. We thought that we were disturbing his burrow until Patricia came out with other guests and introduced us to Jingles

Jingles is a tame squirrel that’s made his home in the ground behind the cottages, and comes for snacks. The boys LOVED it… although Bradley eventually had to get Jingles pried away from his fingers ‘cos they were getting nibbled a little too much.


I could have spent a few days taking photos there actually. It was so amazing.

I loved the tiny flowers in the Karoo veld.

The planes had a cool story. Before dinner, the guests mingle in the pub and in the gardens (the kids had a ball playing boules until it got too dark to see the balls). We got chatting with the 2 other groups of guests. The planes belonged to 4 couples who have an annual flying holiday together. They fly around the country stopping at private airfields and staying in B&B’s. This was their first night, and the next day they were flying to a game farm close to Kimberley.

I absolutely LOVED the landscape, the windmill was just the cherry on top for me! I’ve blogged some of these in black and white already… but the colour ones are just as nice.

Other than that,

  • the kids saw a brand new lamb which was amazing to see.
  • the food was spectacular… I had the lamb curry for supper which was amazing, and the boys enjoyed their lemon and herb chicken and veggies.
  • the wine selection was superb in the pub
  • the beds were uber comfy and it was so quiet!! We slept so well.
  • and breakfast the next morning was just perfect… with loads of fruit and cereals and egg and bacon muffins.

We can highly recommend the place.