We spent the day in the car yesterday… driving along the coast.

The plan was to amble along, and eventually get to Cape Point, and then amble back… however, when we got to the Cape Point gate and saw the horrendous queue we decided to just carry on.

We stopped the car in Simonstown for some coffee… it’s such a gorgeous little town. The harbour is just lovely… it’s a pity we chose a tourist trap for a coffee shop though, it kinda spoilt the occasion a bit.

Loved these kids that were jumping into the harbour…

This was on the way to Cape Point… while looking out for babboons.

So instead of spending time at Cape Point, we stopped at Misty Cliffs. What a beautiful beach! The kids had a ball paddling in the freezing water 🙂

Then we headed for Chapmans Peak, and we stopped a few times along the road to take in the views.

You can see the burnt areas from the #Capefire that happened recently. In fact, we could still smell the burnt embers from where we were standing.

Of course, we had to stop in Hout Bay for lunch. The idea was to get a fish meal at the harbour, but the traffic was horrendous, so we stopped in another part of town and had an awesome meal at a place called Delish. After lunch, we walked to the harbour along the beach… which was actually perfect for the kids because they could run and play and dash up the massive dunes.

We got to the harbour as a fishing boat was coming in… and the seals were going bananas hanging around looking for titbits. The seagulls were all over the place too!