On Tuesday last week, once I’d completely recovered from the race, we continued with our touristy trips around Cape Town. The morning was spent in town, and to be honest, we should have skipped that bit. We should’ve rather spent more time at Kirstenbosch.

You see, we decided we wanted to show the kids the Parliament buildings and Company Gardens. Of course, that involved feeding the squirrels, which is actually the only thing the boys remember about that part of the day. I remember the gorgeously revamped cafe in Company Gardens… now that’s worth a visit, and has an awesome play space for kids. I didn’t however, take photos while we were there with my big camera… it’s the first time ever that I didn’t feel safe with it being out in the open… and that says a lot because I’ve been to many many places with it on my own without a problem. I did use my phone’s camera though 😉

And then we headed for Kirstenbosch. That was incredible!

It’s leaps and bounds ahead of where Walter Sisulu gardens are in terms of a botanical garden IMO. I loved the little gardens, and found the name plates on the plants were much more prolific than the other botanical gardens we’ve visited. We could have spent hours there, but we were now hungry, and the cafe was jam packed, and we didn’t pack a picnic. It’s also so much bigger than I thought it was… we definitely need sneakers for our next visit.

So, we walked up to the Boomslang Tree Canopy walkway, had a ball on there. We spotted a Eagle Owl sleeping in a tree top RIGHT next to the walkway… now that was very special (no photos though because I only took my wide angle lens on holiday). It was too busy and in the middle of the day for awesome photos, but we’ve got good enough ones to remember the trip.

The answer I think, is to get there in the early morning before the crowds arrive.

Note that I’m in the frame again! I made a point this holiday of being in the photo at least once every single day 🙂

Next time we go to Cape Town, we’re spending a whole day there.