We took the kids to see the Art of the Brick exhibition in Rosebank on Monday afternoon.

They wanted to play adventure golf actually, but I’d run a 21km race in the morning and couldn’t think of anything worse when my legs were too sore.

So, Art of the Brick it was, and the kids haven’t stopped talking about it since… so it was definitely a worthwhile outing.

I didn’t take my big camera with me, but I did take some photos with my iPhone.

I was amazed at the detail and the size of some of the pieces. The photos I’d seen online really don’t do the artworks justice at all!

Nathan Sawaya is the artist that has designed all the LEGO brick art, and it’s just incredible. Each piece had a little sign explaining the design, and how many bricks it took to make them… and of course I didn’t write that down so I can’t blog about it! LOL!

I took some photos with the boys next to the pieces just so that you can get an idea of the scale.

I loved the replicas of the classic paintings… including the Mona Lisa! The statue of David was simply incredible too! I also loved the life sized cello… and the more cryptic art with parts of humans.

The boys favourite pieces were the massive T-Rex (we spent ages looking at all the detail around the legs and the rib cage) and the skulls.

Huge red face LEGO

Biggest peace sign

with a pencil


the world in LEGO

The exhibition is on until August in Rosebank, so if you haven’t gone yet, you need to make a plan! It’s open until 7pm every night, so there really isn’t any excuse 😉

Disclaimer: I wasn’t asked to blog about this, I just liked it.