Bradley came home a few days ago saying that he needed to take a few comic books to school for his visual literacy class. They were going to be analysing the comics and their designs and the way they were written.

How cool is that?! Wish we’d done stuff like that in primary school!

Anyway, he wanted to take a few, because he knew that other kids would forget. He’s really cool that way 🙂

That night, I asked him how it went. He told me that a lot of the kids in his class had never read a comic!

That’s pretty sad as far as I’m concerned. I thought it may be the girls, but no… apparently mostly boys hadn’t read any.

And he’d taken the Asterix and TinTin books! I’m not even talking about the Marvel comics etc… they had never ever read any type of comic book!


I often buy the kids the latest Marvel comics in the Woolies queue… it’s better than buying them a chocolate 😉

It’s so sad! I remember spending hours and hours reading comic books when I was young, and some of the Asterix books the boys have got, are my brothers old well-read books.

Bradley also started noticing graphic novels a few months ago in a local bookshop, and I know there’s a resurgence in them now… I’m going to get some for him to read.

Do your kids read comics? Which ones do they read?