When we met up with friends in Gordons Bay, Fanie mentioned that we needed to drive up to the Steenbras Water Treatment plant that we could see from the harbour. I’d spotted a tiny sign when we travelled around the coast to Hermanus the week before, so I had a fair idea of how to get there.

On our last day at the coast, we spent the morning on the beach with my cousin Daniella, and then in the late afternoon we drove up to find the viewpoint. And my word, it was well worth it!

The highest viewpoint is right at the gates of the Water Treatment plant, and you can see the whole of False Bay. Because it’s close to sea, you can also see the whole of Gordons Bay, Strand and way on the way to Stellenbosch. It was a little misty on the other side of the bay, but we could make out the other end where Cape Point it too!

What an amazing amazing place! So of course, there are LOADS of photos 😉

Strand beachfront… where we’d spent most days with the kids swimming, and us lying on the beach or playing soccer.

Gordons Bay harbour and Strand in the distance


We’d spotted shadows that were travelling around the coast, and at first we thought it was a whale, but they eventually headed for a yacht and then we saw that it was dolphins!! So we dashed back into the car, and headed down the mountain to a coastal viewpoint so we could see them better. What a treat!! It must’ve been so magical on that yacht that evening with the school of dolphins swimming around!

What a gorgeous day it turned out to be! More on my blog tomorrow 🙂