The theme for the week on MyFourHens Photography’s 52 Project: Bird Eye View

I had so many ideas for this topic. From taking photos of the dogs from the balcony… they weren’t interested. Taking photos of Sandton from a tall residential block… forgot to ask permission. Going up Carlton Centre to take a photo of the city… too much of a mission…

So, this afternoon I took my mom and the boys to Melville Koppies. My favourite place to see the whole of the Joburg skyline. The idea was to take a photo of the boys from a distance with the skyline in the background, or to take a photo of them from the top of the koppie with them in the distance far below. They didn’t think very much of those ideas… so my plan was thwarted… I’ll post those photos tomorrow 🙂 I like them, but they didn’t work for the theme. I do need more willing subjects actually, the boys are quite over this direction thing.

In the end, Connor hiding in the long veld to have some fun, ended up being the perfect subject for the topic! I was climbing down the koppie, so was quite a way away from him when I took the photo. Now the problem is to choose between black and white or colour!

So this is called “I see the birds, but do the birds see me”