The theme for the week on MyFourHens Photography’s 52 Project: Peaceful

This week was a stretch again. There aren’t many quiet places in Johannesburg, and my kids aren’t particularly peaceful at the moment. We didn’t have a weekend of lie-ins so there weren’t cute sleepy kids photos, and to be honest, my kids are a little big for that kind of thing.

I knew I was going to the Walter Sisulu gardens in Ruimsig for a photoshoot today though. There are many peaceful and quiet areas in the gardens. My favourite spots are at the top of the hills, although there’s quite a climb to get up there!

I went there to do a maternity photoshoot this afternoon… so there was no climbing on the cards for me! The sky was perfectly clear and the weather just sublime for a winter’s day. I could have taken photos of all the picnic goers, but to be fair, walking around on the tops of the surrounding hills is more peaceful.

So my photo is a bit of wishful thinking… I wanted to be walking in those peaceful hills today.