I’ve collected quite a variety of Instagram accounts to follow over the years that I’ve been using the site. Some local, some international… some friends and moms, and some street photographers, and some just amazing people.

I go through phases with my photography, and tend to get inspired by different genres of photography depending on what I’m trying to learn or get better at.

Here are a few Instagrammers that are inpiring me at the moment, hopefully there are a few in my list that you haven’t heard of yet:

1. Daniel Krieger.  I used to follow his wedding photography blog, but now he’s mostly doing food photography. His photos are mostly not mobile photography, but I’m in awe of his work


2. Thomas_K he seems to favour VSCO looking edits, which is my favourite iPhone editing app.

3. Zeno Petersen. Local guy. I just love how he sees the world and how he uses light in his photography. I saw his work at the Instagram exhibition a few year ago and have been following him ever since

4. NorthWestMommy. I mean seriously, how amazing are her dogs?! LOVE LOVE her work with kids and horses and dogs.

5. Vanessa Lewis. Also local. She’s been travelling through France, and you just have to see her photos, especially of Versailles! Her daughter Nina is often the focus of her photography and she’s so damn cute!

6. Jonas Peterson. I’ve stopped following wedding photographers blogs, but this guy is one of my favourites… so I’m following his Instagram feed instead of his blog.

7. My 4 Hens. Sarah is an amazing photographer, and she hosts the Project 52 that I’m doing. Her Instagram feed makes me want to take better photos of my kids and my own story. She’s doing a mobile only Project 365 on her Instagram feed this year.



Hopefully some of those will inspire you too!

Let me know if you’d like me to share a few more. I’m on Instagram using my usual Jenty handle, so be sure to follow me there 😉