I needed to get my “Birds Eye View” shot for my Project 52, so I took the boys (and my mom) to Melville Koppies. The idea was to take photos of them looking at the JHB skyline, but I didn’t really “feel” it in the end for the theme… but we did have some fun.

Even though the kids moaned and whined a bit, they enjoyed clambering over the rocks and up the pathways in the reserve. It’s such a gorgeous place! And it’s one of my favourite Joburg lookout points.

If you’re wondering, they generally pose themselves… as you can see there’s a LOT of posing going on now. It’s fun so I quite like it.

I read a blog post this evening on Rock and Drool about kids and mobiles and their ages… just look at Bradley!! I had to pry the damn thing away from him. And you know what he was doing? It wasn’t Instagram or anything social at all… he’s got this app that has random facts. That’s what he was reading! He was scrolling through random facts.

Connor was dancing… I really need to use my video more often. This child is too awesome for words!

Just look at the crisp blue winter skies already! A sure sign that winter has arrived in Johannesburg.

I love taking the boys to see different parts of the city, even though they do think it’s a big of a drag most of the time. They do remember though, and they enjoy the time they spend with me… because they complain more when I go on photoshoots! LOL!

I need to go up there for a sunrise again I think… that’s magnificent from that spot!