We seem to have hit a turning point with Bradley and sport, and it could be partly because of my running. Well, that’s how I’m seeing it anyway.

There’s a karate tournament next weekend, and for the first time in years, Bradley has brought home the entry forms without me asking about it, and he’s actually wanting to compete!

He just hasn’t been interested in competing on any level in a long time. Not only that, but other than karate, he hasn’t really been interested in taking part in many sports at school on a long-term basis… he often decides to try something else.

It was only when I started running and taking part in races, that I finally twigged why he’s not keen.

I think he’s like me! It’s only taken me 12 years to figure my son out! LOL!

It’s all about the competition. I don’t like the stress of people expecting me to try and win. I’m quite happy running in a road race because I know I will never win it. I like it because I’m really just competing against myself. And that’s also why I’m enjoying running, my personal bests are really just up to me… and I cannot compare myself to anyone really.

Once I realised that, then I “got” why Bradley enjoys karate. He’s not competing against anyone. There’s no expectation that he needs to try and win. That’s also why he’s started enjoying running at RWFL… there’s no winning pressure like there is at school. He just has to do the best he can, and pace himself… and in fact, try not so hard, because you shouldn’t push too much when you’re training.

It’s still baby steps though.

The karate tournament is made of 3 parts, and he only wants to take part in one… the kumite. He doesn’t want to do the individual kata where he’s tested again one other child.

That’s ok though. I completely get it now. He needs to do what makes him more comfortable and gets his confidence back.

And now that his leg is better (that’s another long story), he can start running again. Not long long distance, like I’m doing, but around the field until he gets his confidence up again. The next step is to try and get him to run some 5km races.

It’s baby steps there too.

After having a chat with him a few nights ago, I’ve decided not to run the 10km Northgate race, but instead I’ll run the 5km race with him. It’ll give him the confidence he needs.