I was invited to attend the media launch of the new Cadbury’s pop-up store in Sandton City.

The pop-up store is a celebration for the launch of the new chocolate “Marvellous Creations”… you know the one you’ve seen in the shops filled with popping candy or gummy sweets.

The media launch was pretty cool, with loads of colour and a street van with food… some fire walkers, clowns, mimes and loads of snacks and drinks around too! I haven’t been to a launch in a while, so it was awesome to be there… although I did find that I knew hardly anyone!! The only person I recognised (apart from the celebs) were Angie from Lucky Pony, and Shelley Bert from All Things Pretty.

The pop-up store is downstairs opposite Clicks, and it’s pretty small compared to the other pop-up stores that have been around… there isn’t any space to sit. However, thinking about it, I think it’s probably a blessing, because the queue will definitely move faster!

You get a small packet, and choose 3 flavours of sweets from the flavour wall. The packet is then put into a plastic ball, which is whirled around on a cool gadgety wall that reminded me of Willy Wonkers factory. Once your sweets are mixed, you then choose your chocolate…

You can choose between a slab of chocolate, a tart case (which is what I chose because it seemed like the least sweet option), or a cupcake. They then smother it with melted Cadbury’s chocolate, and sprinkle your chosen sweets on top. If you’re wondering, I chose popping candy, honeycomb crunch and mint crisp… it was a perfect combo!

It’s chocolate heaven!

I’m definitely going to be taking my kids there… although once was enough for me. I do love chocolate, but OMW that was sweetness overload.

Cadbury’s is running an awesome competition on their site… dream up your own Marvellous Creation and you can win the flavour. They’ll make it for you and deliver it!

The pop-up store is open in Sandton from 23 May to 21 June.